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SNO-SCIDOT Joint Conference on Therapeutic Delivery to the CNS

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Programming Article Notifications from PubMed


Members of SNO may be interested to note that the PubMed literature database search function can be programmed to deliver the titles of new neuro-oncology articles from multiple key journals.


Titles can be delivered via email by the following steps:

1. Register for a free NCBI account.

Go to
Click “Sign In to NCBI” in the upper right hand corner
Click “Register for an NCBI Account” and follow directions

2. Once signed in, enter the following search term into the Search dialog box:

J Clin Oncol[Journal] OR J Natl Cancer Inst[Journal] OR Neurology[Journal] OR Cancer Res[Journal] OR Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys[Journal] OR Neuro Oncol[Journal] OR J Neurooncol[Journal] AND "brain neoplasms"

3. Click “Search”, then click “Save Search”

4. For Name of Search enter “Neuro-oncology Update” or similar

5. Click “Save”

6. Click “Yes, please” beside “Would you like to receive email updates of new search results?”

7. Frequency: “Daily”, Formats: “Summary”, and Number of items: choose “50”

8. For Text to be added at top of email enter “Neuro-oncology Update” or similar

9. Click “Save”.

Programming is complete. Relevant articles from each journal will be received as an email as they are added to PubMed. The specific journals and the search term “brain neoplasms” can be customized. E-mail updates can be blocked by spam filters, so consider adding domain to the e-mail “safe list.”

This information was submitted by SNO member John W. Henson, MD, MBA, FACHE, of the Ivy Brain Tumor Center, Swedish Neuroscience Institute in Seattle, WA.



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