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WFNOS Magazine

The inaugural issue of the official publication of the World Federation of Neuro-Oncology Societies is ...

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Neuro-Oncology Review Course at SNO

November 16, 2016. Register in conjunction with the SNO Annual Meeting

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CNS Anticancer Drug Discovery and Development Conference

Register Now!

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EANO 2016

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18th Annual Brain Tumor Update and 7th Annual International Symposium on Long-Term Control of Metastases to the Brain and Spine

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2nd CNS Anticancer Drug Discovery/Development Conference

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Critiquing a Layout

  1. What is the 1st thing you see (The main area of focus)?
    • Is it supposed to be the 1st?
    • What is the 2nd and 3rd?
  2. What does the company do? Can you tell without reading the body copy?
    • Do the illustrations and images fit the personality of the company and the products or services that they are selling?
    • Does it feel right from the users point of view?
  3. What is their primary service? Is it easy to find?
  4. Where are they located?
  5. Is it easy for you to contact them?
  6. Do they seem self-focused or user-focused?
  7. Does the layout make you want to keep looking?
    • Is it easy to understand?
    • Is it cluttered or confusing?
  8. Do the colors work or are they distracting?
    • Do they fit with the company's brand?
  9. Any other comments?