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British Neuro-Oncology Society (BNOS) Annual Meeting

 BNOS Annual Meeting

10-12 July 2013
Durham University Scientific Site

‘Art and Science’


The British Neuro-Oncology Society (BNOS) annual meeting is being held this July in Durham, to promote excellence in basic science research and clinical management of brain tumours.

The theme ‘Art and Science’ reflects the extensive collaboration which is needed between clinicians, scientists and patients to take forward the prevention, care and treatment of those affected by brain tumours. The conference will address ideas in neuro-oncology, provide a review of fundamental molecular biology for clinicians, and offer insights for scientists into the care given to patients affected by brain tumours.



Dr Nicola Sibson
CR-UK Senior Group Leader, Director Graduate Studies, Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology, University of Oxford, UK

‘Early detection and selective targeting of brain metastases’ - Sponsored by British Neuropathological Society


Professor Jöerg-Christian Tonn
Chair of Neurosurgery, Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany

‘Personalized neurosurgery for gliomas - where are we?’ - Sponsored by The Brain Tumour Charity: Stephen Baker Memorial Lecture


Dr Cynthia Wetmore
Director, Molecular Clinical Trials Core Laboratory, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis,Tennessee, US

‘Analysis of genome and epigenome to guide clinical trials in paediatric neuro-oncology’ - Sponsored by Brain Tumour Research


Dr Mary Lovely
Assistant Adjunct Professor, Collaborative Ependymoma Research Network (CERN), University of California, San Francisco , California, US

"Effects of Low grade Gliomas on Patients and Families" - Sponsored by Brainstrust


Hanneke Zwinkels
Nurse Practitioner in Neuro-oncology, Medical Centre, Haaglanden, The Hague, Netherlands

"Gliomas and Pregnancy" - Sponsored by EANO


Professor Faith Gibson
Clinical Professor of Children's and Young People's Cancer Care, Great Ormond Street, London South Bank University, London

"Transition from TYA services to adult Neuro-oncology" - Sponsored by ANON


About BNOS:
The British Neuro-Oncology Society (BNOS) is the only professional group in the UK dedicated to the understanding of neuro-oncology/ brain tumours.  Through collaboration with other groups, BNOS works to improve the care and treatment of patients with brain tumours across the UK.

BNOS began life as an informal group of researchers coming together as the British Glioma Group in 1981. In 1989 the group was renamed the British Neuro-Oncology Group to include tumours other than glioma. In 2004, the group took on its current name to reflect its wider structure and purpose.


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Organizer Michael Stott


Wed, Jul. 10 - Fri, Jul. 12, 2013
11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central


Durham University Scientific Site