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16th Annual Drug Discovery Summit 2015

June 8 - 9, 2015, Berlin, Germany 

Oxford Global Conferences are proud to present the 16th Annual Drug Discovery Leaders Summit, taking place on the  8th and 9th June 2015 at the Hotel Palace Berlin, Berlin, Germany. This summit brings together a host of senior level experts to discuss recent developments in the industry and debate the best strategies and solutions to improve drug discovery going forward.

In addition to exploring the trends outlined above, speakers will tackle current debates in the industry such as the value of phenotypic screening over target-based screening, finding physiologically relevant screen models using 3D models and iPSC, and new methods to target GPCRs and ion channels. Presentations will also cover assays in human tissues and biopsies, as well as the latest innovations in discovery technology including NMR screening platforms, live cell imaging and improved biomarkers to reduce drug attrition.

For the past two years our Discovery Chemistry & Drug Design Congress has proved a popular addition to the summit. This year the Congress will feature key discovery chemistry case studies, including novel tools for PPI targeting such as NMR and SPR. Presentations will also cover novel computational tools for drug design, DMPK considerations in lead optimisation and how to build increasing molecular complexity into drug design.


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Mon, Jun. 8 - Tue, Jun. 9, 2015
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
(GMT+0200) Europe/Budapest


Hotel Palace Berlin
Budapester Str. 45
Berlin 10787