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3rd Verona Neurosurgical Symposia

3rd Verona Neurosurgical Symposia
Measuring Clinical Outcomes in Neuro-Oncology: Tools and Parameters
To what extent can neuropsychology become part and parcel of clinical practice?

SESSION I: Clinical tools for outcome assessment
a) Clinical assessment: neurological vs. neuropsychological vs. self-assessment
b) Trials and international criteria for outcome assessment: scales, batteries, protocols
c) Multidisciplinary organization models in neuro-oncology

Confirmed Speakers: Brandes AA (Bologna, Italy), Taphoorn MJB (The Hague, The Netherlands), Meyers CA (Houston, USA), Klein M (Amsterdam, The Netherlands),
Heimans JJ (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Efficace F (Rome, Italy)

SESSION II: Baseline cognitive assessment
a) Neuropsychological focal investigations
b) Batteries: how are they to be selected? Functions, tests and setting
c) Examples from other diseases: trauma and epilepsy

Confirmed Speakers: Miceli G (Trento, Italy), Marzi CA (Verona, Italy), Giovagnoli AR (Milan, Italy), Papagno C (Milan, Italy), Carlesimo A (Rome, Italy), Rumiati R (Trieste, Italy),
Shallice T (Trieste, Italy), Helmstaedtler C (Bonn, Germany), Ruggeri M (Verona, Italy)

SESSION III: Outcome in clinical practice
a) Chemotherapy
b) Radiotherapy
c) Neurosurgery

Confirmed Speakers: Abrey L (New York, USA), Scoccianti S (Florence, Italy), D’Avella D (Padua, Italy), Magistral Lecturer: Duffau H (Montpellier, France)

President: Gerosa Massimo (Chair of Neurosurgery, University of Verona)
Scientific Secretariat: Talacchi Andrea (
Scientific Committee: Bonetti B • Capasso R • Chelazzi L • Dall’Oglio S • Fiaschi A • Maluta S
Molino A • Moretto G • Pioli S • Santini B • Sava T • Savazzi S
Organizing Secretariat: Cogest M. & C. Srl - Vicolo San Silvestro 6 - 37122 Verona, Italy
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Congress Venue: Policlinico G. Rossi, Verona, Italy
Date: From h. 14.00 28 January 2011 to h. 17.00 29 January 2011
Deadline for Submission of abstract: December 10th, 2010

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Fri, Jan. 28, 2011
2 p.m. - 5 p.m.
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