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The inaugural issue of the official publication of the World Federation of Neuro-Oncology Societies is ...

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Neuro-Oncology Review Course at SNO

November 16, 2016. Register in conjunction with the SNO Annual Meeting

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CNS Anticancer Drug Discovery and Development Conference

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EANO 2016

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18th Annual Brain Tumor Update and 7th Annual International Symposium on Long-Term Control of Metastases to the Brain and Spine

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2nd CNS Anticancer Drug Discovery/Development Conference

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The Hospital for Sick Children (1)

The Hospital for Sick Children
Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Program
555 University Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1X8

Eric Bouffet, M.D.

Research Categories:

    -Novel drug therapies for pediatric brain tumors; clinical research, pilot studies, phase I/II/III studies
    -Molecular biology of pediatric brain tumors
    -Predicting risk of long term adverse effects in survivors of pediatric brain tumors
    -Translational research in pediatric brain tumors

Research Interests/projects:

    -Determination of the extent and role of monoallelic gene expression in low and high grade pediatric brain tumors
    -Prediction of tumor resistance and normal brain sensitivity to cranial radiation in pediatric brain tumors
    -Combined telomerase inhibition and drug screen as novel therapies for tumor initiating cells in pediatric nervous system
    -Development of a mouse model for novel therapies in Choroid plexus carcinomas
    -Genetics of pediatric brain stem glioma: from bench to bedside
    -Predictors of functional and neuro-cognitive outcomes in long term surivors of pediatric low grade glioma
    -Intervention studies (neuroprotective effects of exercise in children with brain tumors
    -Clinical research: case reports, case series and case control studies, development and conduct of prospective clinical
     trials including phase I to III studies, methodical approaches to clinical research and clinical epidemiology
    -Twining/outrearch neuro-oncology programs using telemedicine