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Neuro-Oncology Review Course at SNO

November 16, 2016. Register in conjunction with the SNO Annual Meeting

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CNS Anticancer Drug Discovery and Development Conference

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EANO 2016

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18th Annual Brain Tumor Update and 7th Annual International Symposium on Long-Term Control of Metastases to the Brain and Spine

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2nd CNS Anticancer Drug Discovery/Development Conference

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2015 SNO-SCIDOT Joint Conference on Therapeutic Delivery to the CNS



 November 18-19, 2015
Marriott Rivercenter Hotel

San Antonio, Texas
(held in conjunction with the SNO Annual Meeting)



Conference Overview

The Society for Neuro-Oncology (SNO) and the Society for CNS Interstitial Delivery of Therapeutics (SCIDOT) invite you to attend the 2015 SNO-SCIDOT Joint Conference on Therapeutic Delivery to the CNS which will be held on November 18th and 19th in San Antonio, Texas (in conjunction with the SNO Annual Meeting). 

At last year’s successful CNS Anticancer Drug Discovery and Development Conference, organized by Victor Levin, one of the messages that was repeated throughout the meeting was that most of the drugs that are investigated for brain cancer do not reach their cellular targets at effective concentrations, and hence more needs to be done to both demonstrate target effects in humans, and improve delivery. Over the past two decades, there have been multiple attempts to address this seminal issue in neuro-oncology, with only limited success. Recently, however, there has been a resurgent interest in therapeutic delivery to the CNS, and while some progress has been made in the clinical setting, multiple challenges remain present.


Educational Content

The 2015 SNO-SCIDOT Joint Conference on Therapeutic Delivery to the CNS will address the multiple laboratory and clinical advances that have been made in the field of interstitial delivery of therapeutics. Sessions will cover a wide range of topics including the physiology of the blood-brain-barrier (BBB), methods for overcoming the BBB, development of novel technologies and techniques for surgical treatment of brain tumors, novel devices for delivering drugs directly into the brain, drug carriers, modeling of drug delivery, non-oncologic applications of direct delivery of therapeutics to the CNS, and updates on ongoing and completed clinical trials.

The two-day scientific program will include invited presentations from a wide range of investigators and thought-leaders in the various fields that comprise direct delivery of therapeutics to the brain, as well as oral and poster presentations of original scientific work.


Planning Committee

  • SCIDOT Chair: Michael A. Vogelbaum MD, PhD - Cleveland Clinic
  • SNO Chair: Gelareh Zadeh MD, PhD - University of Toronto

 Committee Members

  • Raghu Raghavan PhD – Therataxis, Inc.
  • Waldemar Debinski MD, PhD - Wake Forest University School of Medicine
  • John H. Sampson MD, PhD – Duke University
  • Russell Lonser MD - Ohio State University
  • Krys Bankiewicz MD, PhD - University of California, San Francisco
  • Zvi Ram MD - Tel Aviv University
  • Manfred Westphal MD - University of Hamburg – Eppendorf


Abstract Submission

Accepted abstracts of original research on the interstitial delivery of therapeutics to the CNS will be presented in the following categories: 

  • BBB Physiology and Barriers to CNS drug distribution
  • Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of CNS therapeutics
  • Methods for evaluating drug delivery to the CNS
  • Devices that directly treat CNS pathology
  • Pharmacologic approaches to overcoming the BBB
  • Devices for delivery of therapeutics to the CNS
  • Nanoparticles and liposomes for drug delivery
  • Gene therapy for CNS pathology
  • Clinical trials using convection enhanced delivery
  • Regulatory considerations for delivery of therapeutics directly into the CNS
  • Mathematical and computational modeling of transport in the CNS


Registration and Hotel Accommodations

To register, click here.

Hotel accommodations at the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel in conjunction with the SNO Annual Meeting block. To reserve a room at the Marriott, click here.