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The NMN Symposium: Precision Medicine

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Innovations in the Era of Precision Medicine – Nuclear Medicine Meets Neuro-Oncology
Billrothhaus, Vienna, Austria
April 26-27, 2024
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The NMN Symposium: Precision Medicine, April 26-27, 2024, in Vienna, Austria

The NMN symposium aims to provide a highly interactive platform for scientific and educational exchange on the fascinating and clinically highly relevant aspects in research and application of nuclear medicine with a focus on malignancies of the central nervous system (CNS). Primary and secondary CNS tumors represent a particularly challenging and heterogenous disease entity, which is also characterized by a multitude of molecular alterations. Nuclear medicine is of particular relevance and carries an exceptionally high potential for improvements of diagnosis, molecular classification, planning of therapeutic interventions (neurosurgery, radiotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy), assessment of therapy response and drug development (including assessment of blood-brain barrier penetration) in the field of Neuro-Oncology.

More information about the congress can be found at the congress website:

4/26/2024 - 4/27/2024