Neuro-Oncology Research Grants


 Organization          Type          Descripton          Amount          Duration         Deadline           Funding Begins       
 Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation's Young Investigator Grants        Grants       Grants for young scientists in the early stages of research careers, such as postdoctoral or clinical fellows        $150,000.00        3 years        December 15th, 2018        July 1st, 2019    
 Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation's 2018 Epidemiology Grants        Grants       Grants awarded to investigators pursuing research in human populations using epidemiology        $100,000.00        2 years        December 15th, 2018         July 1st, 2019    
 Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation's 2018 Innovation Grant        Grants       Grants awarded for novel approaches to pediatric oncology scientific investigation         $250,000.00       2 years         April 2nd, 2018        October 1st, 2018    
 ABTA Basic Research Fellowship       Fellowships        Basic/Translational postdoctoral fellowships. LOI Required          $100,000.00       2 years       Early December 2019        August 20, 2020    
 ABTA Research Collaboration Grant       Grants        Offerred Biennally. Multidisciplinary, Multi-institutional grant. LOI Required       $200,000.00        2 years       Early December 2020       August 2021    
 ABTA Jack and Fay Netchin Medical Student Summer Fellowship        Fellowships       Mentored summer research experience for medical students        $3,000.00       3 months       Early January 2020         June 1, 2020    
 ABTA Discovery Grant Program        Grants        High risk/high impact research, early stage faculty. LOI required        $50,000.00       1 year       Early December 2019       August 20, 2020    
B*Cured Grant Program         Grants       Candidates must be full time faculty or resident with offer for full time employment, Accepting projects in all areas of brain cancer research       $50,000.00        1 year        April 1st        Not listed     
 Brain Tumour Charity       Grants
      Grants for various types of research, clinical trials, and conferences/workshops

      Expanding Theories - Up to £60,000,
Applications open January 7, 2019, close March 18, 2019

            Clinical Biomarkers - up to £100,000
Applications open January 7, 2019, close March 18, 2019
Post Doc Fellowships to support early stage, non-clinical researchers - up to £180,000
Applications open June 24, 2019, funding begins March 2020
 Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada (BTFC) Grant Research Program        Grants (Canadian Only)        Development of new concepts, Pre-Clinical Research, Patient-oriented research       $25,000.00         2 years        The opportunity for 2018 submissions has passed, please check back for 2019 information    
 Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada (BTFC) Fellowship Program        Fellowships (Canadian Only)       Basic, Clinical, or Translational Research        $100,000.00        2 years         January 26th, 2018        Not listed    
 Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada (BTFC) Studentship Program       Studentships (Canada Only)         First Year Med Students or Undergraduate Science Students look to accomplish Basic, Clinical or Translational Research       $10,000.00        2 years         February 25, 2019       Not listed     
 Cancer Research UK- Brain Tumour Awards       Grants        International collaborations are welcome, but teams must be led or co-led by a UK-based researcher.Within this scientific remit, applications will be accepted for research into any type of (primary) adult or paediatric brain tumour.        Up to 

£ 10 Million

       5 years        September 6th, 2018        Not listed    
Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation        Grants         Basic/Tranlational Research       $60,000.00        2 years         March 18, 2019       September of 2019     
 Concern Foundation        Grants       Cancer Genetics, Cancer Cell Biology, and Cancer Immunology Research        $60,000.00         2 years       September of 2019        July of 2020     
 Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program        Grants       Pediatric Brain Tumor Research         Varies       1 year        The opportunity for 2018 submissions has passed, please check back for the 2019 information     

The Cure Starts Now  Snap Grant
       Grant       Pediatric Brain Cancer Research and Homerun Strategies        $50,000        1 year         May 31, 2019       Aug. 2, 2019     

 Matthew Larson Foundation
      Grants        Pediatric, Basic/Translational Research         $75,000.00       1 year         January 22nd, 2018       May 1st, 2018     
 James S. McDonnell Foundation: Post Doctorial Fellowship       Fellowships         Fellowship for students finishing up their doctorial studied       Not posted yet        Not posted yet         Mid to Late June 2018        Not posted yet    
 John McNicholas Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation: High Grade Glioma Scholar Award        Award        Pediatric Research with an Emphasis on High Grade Gliomas        $200,000.00        2 years       The opportunity for 2018 submissions has passed, please check back for 2019 information    
 National Brain Tumor Society       Grants                                Check website for current opportunities    
Oligo Nation        Grants        Tranlational/ Oligodendroglioma Research        Up to $125,000.00         2 years       Check website for current opportunities    
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation: Early Career Development         Grants       Brain Tumors in Childhood         Up to $300,000.00        3 years        Please check back in late February 2019 for the 2019 application period dates    
 Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation: Immunotherapy Research Initiative        Grants        Brain Tumors in Childhood        TBD        3 years        Please check back in September 2019 for the 2019 application period dates    
 Sontag Foundation        Grants        Basic/Translational Research        $600,000.00        4 years        March 13, 2019        October 15th, 2019    
 SU2C-CRUK Pediatric Brain Cancer Dream Team        Grant        International collaborations are welcome, but teams must be led or co-led by a UK-based researcher. The project will accelerate the development of prevention strategies, diagnostic approaches or treatments for pediatric brain cancers through investigation by a collaborative multidisciplinary, multi-institutional, transatlantic Dream Team.       $10 million         4 years       July 2nd, 2018        Check website for current information    

NOTE: While every effort has been made to provide the most current and up-to-date funding information, SNO is not responsible for changes which may have been made to the individual grant programs. You are encouraged to contact the funding agency directly for additional information regarding specific funding cycles and grant amounts.

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