Women in Neuro-Oncology (WiN)

The Society for Neuro-Oncology is pleased to announce the formation of the Women in Neuro Oncology (WiN) sub-committee, written into the SNO bylaws in 2018.

The primary mission of WiN is to support women through education, mentorship, funding, and the collection of resources and metrics. WiN evolved from a working group of its founding members: Alyx Porter MD, Priya Kumthekar MD, Katy Peters MD, PhD, Erin Dunbar MD and Priscilla Brastianos MD, who acknowledged a critical unmet need for neuro-oncologists to support each other within this dynamic and evolving sub-specialty. These leaders represent the constellation of practicing neuro-oncologists; academic to private, leadership to administration, clinician to educator, and investigator to industry.

Within this subcommittee, strategies will be developed to support the diverse and evolving needs of our members. The accomplishments of women will be recognized and promoted.  Innovative solutions to the dilemmas faced by our members will be implemented. 

To join the committee, indicate your interest by ticking the box on your new member application or during renewal. For additional information, contact womeninneurooncology@gmail.com.

Working Groups:
You are encouraged to part of a working group. Your expertise and investment are essential! If you are interested in participating in any of the working groups listed below, please contact the physician lead.

  • Career Enhancement Working Group is being led by Dr. Dunbar.  In her work, she is focused on qualitative/quantitative metrics for our professional/financial reward, as well as collecting information/strategies about how to promote BOTH professional happiness/reward AND personal happiness/health in neuro-oncology.  Erin.Dunbar@piedmont.org
  • Accomplishments Working Group is being led by Dr. Peters.  Dr. Peters is tasked with developing awards and selecting outstanding individual contributions to the field of neuro-oncology for recognition. Moreover, this working group will highlight the accomplishments of WiN members.  katherine.peters@duke.edu
  • Research Working Group is led by Dr. Brastianos.  This workgroup targets clinical and translational investigators, as well as basic scientists, to network, establish collaborations and develop additional platforms for their research. This group will also focus on mentoring junior investigators.  pbrastianos@mgh.harvard.edu
  • Innovative Solutions Working Group is being led by Dr. Kumthekar.  In this group Dr. Kumthekar will collect information regarding the unique needs of women in neuro- oncology with a goal of developing solutions to help support our membership. Priya.kumthekar@nm.org  
  • Networking/Mentorship Working Group is being led by Dr. Porter.  By collecting detailed information from our members we will establish a tool for connection and collaboration within our membership.  Porter.alyx@mayo.edu