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  • Abhijit Guha Award and Lecture 

    Jointly sponsored by the Section on Tumors of the AANS/CNS and the Society for Neuro-Oncology and presented at their respective annual meeting on alternate years, the Guha Award will recognize an accomplished investigator who has achieved significant results both in the laboratory and the clinic. In addition, the recipient will have played an active role in the mentorship of the next generation of neuro-oncology professionals.

    2020 Amy Heimberger
    2019 David Gutman
    2018 Linda Liau
    2017 Frederick Lang
    2016 Michael Taylor
    2015 John Sampson
    2014 Kenneth Aldape
    2013 Henry Brem
    2012 James Rutka


  • SNO Lifetime Achievement Award

    The SNO Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a meritorious individual who has made significant contributions in neuro-oncology over his/her career, either in clinical care and/or translational or basic research.

    2019 Jonathan Finlay
    2018  Gregory Cairncross
    2017 Webster Cavenee
    2016 Margaret Wrensch
    2015 WK Alfred Yung
    2014 Darrel Bigner
    2011 Jerome Posner
    2010 Peter Burger
    2008 Charles Wilson
    2007 Joan and William Shapiro
    2002 Victor Levin

  • The Victor Levin Award and Lecture in Neuro-Oncology Research

    This award will honor an individual with a career commitment to neuro-oncology who has demonstrated leadership and, through scientific innovation, has made extraordinary achievements in neuro-oncology research.

    2019 Patrick Wen
    2018 E. Antonio Chiocca
    2017 Susan Chang
    2016 David Louis
    2015 Mitchel Berger
    2014 Michael Prados
    2013 Roger Stupp and Monika Hegi
    2012 Gregory Cairncross and Robert Jenkins
    2011 Kenneth Aldape
    2010 Abhijit Guha

  • Jan Esenwein Public Service Award

    The Society for Neuro-Oncology Jan Esenwein Public Service Award recognizes a meritorious individual (or group) who has made significant contributions to the field of neuro-oncology.  The individual shall have advanced the field of neuro-oncology through his/her actions in one or more of the following ways: 

    • Increased public awareness of brain cancer
    • Advanced advocacy
    • Promoted legislative action
    • Supported the mission of the Society for Neuro-Oncology

    2020 Linda Greer
    2019 Kay Verble
    2018 Chas Haynes
    2017 Carol Kruchko
    2016 Mary Lovely
    2015 Jan Esenwein
    2014 Denis Strangman
    2013 W.K. Alfred Yung
    2012 Edward Shaw

  • Neuro-Oncology Community Service Award

    The Neuro-Oncology Community Service Award recognizes a meritorious individual or organization who has made significant contributions to the neuro-oncology community. 

    2019 Kathy Oliver
    2018 David Arons

  • Adult Basic Science Research Award

    2020 Lin Wang, Husam Abdelsalam (co-first authors), Lu Sun
    2019 Sandeep Burman, Katrin Lamszus
    2018 Candice Poon, Farshad Nassiri
    2017 Joydeep Mukherjee, David Raleigh
    2016 Sören Müller
    2015 Andrew Venteicher, Felix Nwajei
    2014 Eskil Eskilsson
    2014 Roel Verhaak
    2013 Jun Fu
    2012 Justin Lathia, Ralf S. Schmid, Michael Weller
    2011 Kenneth Aldape, Justin Lathia, Kristine Dziurzynski
    2010 Krishna Bhat, Frank Furnari
    2009 Aaron Tannenbaum, Lynette Moore
    2007 Xing Fan
    2006 D. Kamnasaran, Shideng Bao
    2005 Hideyuki Saya
    2004 Jessica Martin, Jessica McCready, Helen Fillmore, Sheila Singh
    2003 Stacey Ivanchuk
    2002 Erik Uhlmann
    2001 Giulia Fulci
    2000 Eric Holland
    1999 Abhijit Guha
    1998 David Louis, J. Gregory Cairncross
    1997 Oliver Bogler
    1996 Patrick Wen

  • Adult Clinical Research Award

    2020 C. Mircea Tesileanu
    2019 Andrew Lassman
    2018 Martin van den Bent, Ingo Mellinghoff
    2017 Ulrich Herrlinger, Ingo Mellinghoff
    2016 David Reardon
    2015 David A. Reardon, Susan M. Chang
    2014 Martin van den Bent, Jan Buckner
    2013 Mark Gilbert, Olivier L. Chinot
    2012 Olivier Chinot
    2010 Tracy Batchelor, Mark Gilbert
    2009 Riccardo Soffietti, Mei-Yin Polley
    2008 Edward Shaw
    2007 David Schomas, Justin Smith
    2006 Meng Law, Christopher Pelloski
    2004 Gary Archer, Martin van den Bent
    2003 John Suh
    2002 Paul Sperduto
    2001 Jan Buckner
    1997 Michael Prados
    2000 Ronald Warnick
    1999 James Markert
    1998 Edward Shaw

  • Adult Epidemiology Award

    2015 Michael E. Scheurer
    2014 Kyle Walsh
    2013 Melissa Bondy
    2012 Robert B. Jenkins
    2010 Rose Lai
    2008 Bridget McCarthy
    2007 Fredrick Barker
    2006 Michael Scheurer
    2005 Robert Jenkins
    2004 Margaret Wrensch
    2003 Edward Shaw
    2002 Serap Erdal, Faith Davis
    2000 Margaret Wrensch
    1999 P. Chen

  • Adult Quality of Life Research Award

    2016 Craig Horbinski
    2015 Jacqueline B. Stone
    2014 Esther Habets
    2012 Rakesh Jalali
    2011 Terri Armstrong
    2009 Andrea Pace
    2008 Karin Gehring
    2007 Rakesh Jalali
    2004 Stephen Rapp
    2006 Jing Li
    2003 Stewart Goldman
    2002 Elana Farace
    2001 Martin Klein
    2000 Morris Groves, Roger Packer

  • Adult Translational Research Award

    2016 Elizabeth Stoll
    2015 Antonio Iavarone
    2014 Jeanette Eckell-Passow, Priscilla Brastiano
    2013 Colin Watts
    2012 Gelareh Zadeh
    2011 Frank Furnari, Pablo Valdes

  • Neuro-Imaging Award

    2020 Riahi Samani, Enoch Chang
    2019 Benjamin Ellingson

  • Pediatric Basic Science Award

    2019 Marie Ann Debily, Bryan K. Li
    2018 Nathan Dahl, Santiago Haase
    2017 Brittany Campbell, Sriram Venneti
    2016 Christine Hoeman
    2015 Carl Koschmann
    2014 Paul Northcutt, Haotian Zhao
    2013 Katy Taylor, Rintaro Hashizume
    2012 Sebastian Bender
    2011 Mark Gilbert
    2010 Adrian Dubuc
    2009 Dominik Sturm, Robert Johnson
    2008 David Gutmann, Young-Goo Han
    2007 David Gutmann, Michael Taylor
    2006 Zeng-Jie Yang
    2004 Michael Taylor
    2003 Erik Uhlmann
    2002 Ganesh Rao, Daniel Fults
    2001 Howard Weiner
    2000 Waldemar Debinski
    1999 Cynthia Wetmore
    1998 Jacqueline Biegel

  • Pediatric Clinical Research Award

    2020 Mary Jane Lim Fat
    2019 Giles W. Robinson
    2017 Leanne Embry, Iska Moxon-Emre
    2016 Alan Mackay
    2014 Rakesh Jalali
    2013 Eric Bouffet
    2012 Jonathan L. Finlay
    2010 David Franz
    2008 Sridharan Gururangan
    2002 Ian Pollack
    2001 Jonathan Finlay
    2000 Jeffery Allen
    1999 Roger Packer
    1998 Roger Packer

  • Pediatric Epidemiology Research Award

    2013 Sabine Mueller

  • Pediatric Quality of Life Research Award

    2014 Don Mabbott

  • Marit Mary Swenson Award for Pediatric DMG/DIPG

    2020 Charles Day

  • Pediatric Translational Research Award

    2016 Cameron Herting
    2015 Nadja V. Batora
    2014 Sorana Morrissy
    2012 Shih-Shan Lang

  • Andrew Parsa Young Investigator Award for Basic/Translational Research

    2020 Radhika Mathur
    2019 Ann-Christin Hau
    2018 Andrew Lin
    2017 Joydeep Mukherjee
    2016 Daniel Orringer
    2015 Deliang Guo
    2014 Shawn Hingtoen, Haotion Zhao

  • Young Investigator Award for Clincal Research

    2016 Fumiharu Ohka
    2015 Kyle Walsh

  • Applied Neuro-Oncology Award

    2020 Emilie Le Rhun
    2018 Vinai Gondi
    2017 Denise Correa, Martin Klein

  • Benefactor

    2000 Naomi Berkowitz
    1999 Michael and Dianne Traynor

  • Farber Award and Lecture

    Sponsored by the Farber Foundation, the Farber Award is presented at the annual meetings of the AANS and Society for Neuro-Oncology on alternate years. The recipient is selected by the presidents of the two societies and the Section Awards Chair based on nominees from the executive committees of both societies. The $5,000 award recognizes the most promising investigators who are achieving significant results early in their careers and is given only once to a recipient. The award transitioned to the Guha Award in 2012.
    2010 Roger Stupp
    2009 Peter Dirks
    2008 E. Antonio Chiocca
    2007 Paul Mischel
    2006 Mitchel Berger
    2005 James T. Rutka
    2004 Eric C. Holland
    2003 David N. Louis
    2002 Abhiijt Guha
    2001 Robert Martuza
    2000 Stuart Grossman
    1999 Edward Oldfield
    1998 Mark Israel
    1997 Peter Burger
    1996 Gregory Cairncross
    1995 Philip Gutin
    1994 Web Cavenee

  • Women in Neuro-Oncology Clinical Research Award

    2020 Isabel Arrillaga-Romany
    2019 Sharon Gardner
  • Women in Neuro-Oncology Basic/Translational Science Award

    2020 Jasmin Sponagel
    2019 Pavithra Viswanath
  • Women in Neuro-Oncology Mid-Career Exemplary Physician Award

    2020 Alyx Porter
    2019 Jaishri Blakeley
  • Women in Neuro-Oncology Mentorship Award

    2020 Lynne Taylor
    2019 Susan Chang