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Benjamin Ellingson, PhD, is a Professor of Radiology, Psychiatry, and Neurosurgery and is the Director of the UCLA Brain Tumor Imaging Laboratory (BTIL).  Dr. Ellingson’s research involves the development, testing, and implementation of advanced MRI and PET imaging biomarkers for the characterization of brain tumor biology and response evaluation in clinical trials. Dr. Ellingson has been a co-author on more than 150 peer-reviewed original research articles relating to neuroimaging. Dr. Ellingson has extensive experience performing data management and imaging analysis in multicenter clinical trials in brain cancer and he currently serves as the Chair of the Neuro-Imaging Committee for the NIH-funded Adult Brain Tumor Consortium (ABTC), Chair of the Imaging Committee for the Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation Consortium for Early Phase Clinical Trials, Chair of the Imaging Committee for GBM-AGILE, is a member of the ACRIN head/neck/neuro committee imaging committee, and is the Chair the imaging committee for specific brain tumor trials run by the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology and NRG Oncology.