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2023 Editorial Scholars Program

The Society for Neuro-Oncology (SNO) and Oxford University Press are pleased to announce the inaugural recipients of the Neuro-Oncology Editorial Scholars Program. The Editorial Scholars Program seeks to enhance the skills of early-career faculty interested in pursuing an editorial role in scientific publishing and to expand the pool of qualified peer reviewers for the Society’s affiliated journals (Neuro-Oncology, Neuro-Oncology Advances, and Neuro-Oncology Practice). The program also offers an introduction to the journals’ production and post-publication activities. The broader goal of the program is to increase exposure to, involvement in, and commitment to the journals' peer-review process, ethical considerations, editing, and publishing of medical research manuscripts among early-stage researchers.
The 2023 Editorial Scholars
Ankush Bhatia, University of Wisconsin/USA
Cristiane Marie I, Mayo Clinic/USA
Daniel Siler, Cleveland Clinic/USA
Defne Baylk, University of Miami/USA
Gilbert Youssef, Dana Farber/USA
Hao Wen Sim, NHMRC /Australia
Hsiang Chih (Sean) Lu, Baylor/USA
Iyad Alnahhas, Thomas Jefferson University/USA
Kosuke Funato, University of Georgia/USA
Margaret Shatara, Washington University St Louis/USA
Margo Lazow, Nationwide Children’s/USA
Maria Diaz, Columbia/ USA
Mary Jane Lim Fat, Sunnybrook/Canada
Neevika Manoharan, Kids CC Sydney/Australia
Quan Zhou, Stanford/ USA
Rasheed Zakaria, University of Liverpool/UK
Sylvia C Kurz, Eberhard Karls U/Germany
Ugonma N Chukwueke, Dana Farber/USA
Vinton Cheng, Leeds Inst of Med Res/UK
2023 Editorial Scholars Mentors
Elizabeth Gerstner, Mass General Hospital/USA
Susan Short, Brown University/USA
Solmaz Sahebjam, Johns Hopkins University/USA
Krishna Bhat, MD Anderson Cancer Center/USA
Roy Strowd, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center/USA
Glenn Lesser, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center/USA
Howard Colman, University of Utah/USA
Macarena De La Fuente, University of Miami/USA
Monika Hegi, Lausanne University Hospital/Switzerland
David Eisenstat, Royal Children’s Hospital/Australia
Sameer Agnihotri, University of Pittsburgh/USA
Matthias Preusser, Medical University of Vienna/Austria
Jill Barnholtz Sloan, National Cancer Institute/USA
Burt Nabors, University of Alabama/USA
Roger Abounader, University of Virginia/USA
Isabelle Germano, Mount Sinai/USA
Mike Vogelbaum, Moffitt Cancer Center/USA
Mustafa Khasraw, Duke University/USA
David Schiff, UVA Health/USA
Stuart Grossman, Johns Hopkins/USA
The Editorial Scholars will participate in (2) two virtual training sessions as part of the program. The first session will review the journal’s history, the publication process, and the team’s responsibilities (e.g., COPE guidelines for authors, reviewers, confidentiality, timeliness, ethical issues and integrity, diversity and inclusion, and metrics). Session two will introduce the peer review process, the assessment of the quality of a manuscript, and the impact on the field. The final training process will take place in person on November 15, 2023, at the SNO Annual Meeting at the Vancouver Convention Center. The in-person session will give the scholars the opportunity to hear from senior editors in the field and participate in a one-on-one workshop.

The Society for Neuro-Oncology (SNO) is committed to supporting the next generation of researchers and scholars, and the Editorial Scholars program is just one of the ways we are fulfilling that commitment to its mission.

SNO is also committed to making diversity, equity, and inclusion a critical part of our educational initiatives—in our journals, conferences, and online courses.

For more information about the Editorial Scholars Program, please contact [email protected]  

Steering Committee
Roy Strowd, SNO Career Development and Training Committee representative and AAN liaison
Macarena de la Fuente, SNO Women and Diversity Committee representative
Elizabeth Gerstner, SNO Young Investigator Committee representative
Minesh Mehta, Associate Editor for Neuro-Oncology
David Schiff, Associate Editor for Neuro-Oncology
Monika Hegi, Associate Editor for Neuro-Oncology
Jill Barnholtz Sloan, Associate Editor for Neuro-Oncology
Burt Nabors, Editorial Board Member for Neuro-Oncology
Elizabeth Martinson, Editorial Manager for Neuro-Oncology
Susan Chang, Editor-in-Chief for Neuro-Oncology
Program Manager
Shelley Pressley, Society for Neuro-Oncology