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SNO Future Leaders Development Program

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Application Deadline: February 16, 2024

The SNO Future Leaders Development Program seeks to cultivate the careers and train young physician-scientists to become future leaders in the field of neuro-oncology. This new program from SNO was developed to train young investigators to become leaders in brain tumor research, advance in their own academic departments and to lay the groundwork for leadership in the Society. Through mentorship and the application of a formalized training curriculum, this annual program will provide young investigators with practical skills and resources to allow them to excel in the field of neuro-oncology.

The overall goals of the SNO Future Leaders Development Program are to:
  1. Train neuro-oncology professionals to become the change leaders of tomorrow
  2. Recruit and cultivate diverse leaders within the Society for Neuro-Oncology
  3. Foster leadership advancement for participants both within SNO and within their own institutions
  4. Establish strategic connections with current leaders in brain tumor research and treatment
MD, DO and/or PhD, <5-7 years from first faculty position including instructors, and open to all SNO members residing in North America.

Ten participants for Y1 (2024), selected through competitive application.

There is no cost to participate in this program. Successful applicants will receive travel and accommodation support for the in-person sessions.

Application materials must be submitted in English through the online application portal on the SNO website during the application period.
Requirements include:
  • Contact Information
  • Oncology Leadership Activities
  • Civic and Volunteer Activities
  • 4-page Curriculum Vitae
  • 1-page Statement of Interest
  • 1-page Impactful Experience (optional)
  • Supervisor/Senior Member Letter of Support
To apply, click here.

Ten-months, including monthly virtual meetings plus two in-person workshops (including the SNO Annual Meeting)

SNO Future Leaders Development Program is comprised of a series of live web-based small group sessions and learning modules designed to equip future leaders with the skills, support networks and opportunities to develop as leaders in brain tumor cancer care. In addition to the monthly on-line learning modules, there will also be two in-person workshops.

Participants will also work on a collaborative project with an ad hoc SNO committee to address an initiative aligned with a SNO strategic priority. The project output will be presented to the SNO Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting.

Learning modules will address a specific skill or leadership topic. An experienced instructor plus senior SNO leaders will provide practical, hands-on education in each topic area.

Society for Neuro-Oncology Overview
  • Understand the history of the Society for Neuro-Oncology
  • Define leadership rolls and core responsibilities within SNO
  • Understand how to get involved in SNO
  • Meet senior SNO leaders and administrative leadership
Emotional Intelligence
  • Define and discuss the component of emotional intelligence
  • Learn tools to gain control over emotions
  • Review effective communication skills to have a positive impression on others
Critical Thinking
  • Recognize benefits and barriers to critical thinking
  • Identify characteristics of a critical thinker
  • Recognize ways to improve skills
  • Explore and revise perspective, when necessary
Conflict Resolution
  • Define what conflict and conflict resolution mean
  • Understand all six phases of the conflict resolution process
  • Explore the five main styles of conflict resolution
  • Be able to adapt the process for all types of conflicts
Personal Branding—Finding Your Niche
  • Define your personal brand and build the infrastructure
  • Explore core components of your online presence
  • Discuss how to manage your brand in a crisis
  • Understand and apply basic negotiating concepts: WATNA, BATNA, WAP, and ZOPA
  • Lay the groundwork for negotiation
  • Understand basic bargaining techniques
  • Apply strategies for identifying mutual gain
Inclusive Leadership
  • Define key inclusive leadership skills
  • Understand how to create a culture of inclusion
  • Discuss how unconscious bias can affect SNO leadership
Economics of Leading a Neuro-Oncology Department
  • Understand the economic factors impacting the delivery of brain tumor care
  • Navigate funding mechanisms
  • Establishing strategic vision and setting direction for a brain tumor department

J. Ricardo McFaline-Figueroa, MD, PhD
Dana-Farber Cancer Center

Reena Thomas, MD, PhD
Stanford University

Macarena Ines De La Fuente, MD
University of Miami

Caroline Noor, MPA
SNO, Manager of Services and Giving

The SNO Future Leaders Development Program was developed by the SNO Women and Diversity Committee with input from the SNO Executive Leadership and Global Ascent Consulting. All members matching the application criteria provided above are encouraged to apply.