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Meet the SNO Team

J. Charles (Chas) Haynes, JD
Executive Director
Tel: 713-526-0269
Fax: 801-421-0269
Exhibits and Support Specialist
Tel: 713-526-0269
Fax: 801-421-0269

Ginger Vazquez
Director of Event Technology
Tel: 713-526-0269
Fax: 801-421-0269

Shelley Pressley, MBA, CMP
Director of Administration
Tel: 828-260-8116

Amelia Hutsell
Administrative Specialist
Tel: 828-713-4831

Olivia Ing, MS
Medical Education Support Specialist
Tel: 815-272-1194
Manager of Medical Education 
Tel: 830-428-2524
MeLesa Ritterhouse, RN
Manager of Neuro-Oncology Academy
Tel: 281-731-7606

Caroline K. Noor, MPA
Manager, Member Services and Giving
Tel: 830-321-0615

Kristina Knight
Manager of Medical Education
Tel: 830-460-9325

Gabrielle Griffin
Marketing and Communications Manager
Tel: 504-388-5163

Maloree Burgin
Event Support Specialist 
Tel: 828-400-7329


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Society for Neuro-Oncology
PO Box 273296
Houston, TX 77277-3296