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2023 SNO Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Research Conference

Benjamin Deneen
Cancer Neuroscience in Ependymoma or Other Types of Glioma

Benjamin Deneen received his B.S. in Genetics from the University of California Davis, where he studied fly meiosis in Dr. Scott Hawley’s laboratory. He completed his Ph.D. at UCLA working in the laboratory of Dr. Chris Denny, where he studied the EWS/FLI1 translocation, an aberrant transcription factor that drives Ewing’s Sarcoma. For his post-doctoral studies, he shifted his focus to developmental neurobiology and worked in Dr. David Anderson’s laboratory at Cal-Tech. During his post-doc he identified key transcriptional regulators that control developmental gliogenesis. In January 2009 Benjamin started his laboratory at the Baylor College of Medicine, in the Center for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine and Department of Neurosurgery. He is interested in all things related to glial biology and has assembled an amazing team of students, post-docs, and technicians who share his passion for all things glial and cancer neuroscience related.

Adam Yala
AI Applications to Chemistry and Oncology

Adam Yala an assistant professor of Computational Precision Health, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley and UCSF. His research focuses on developing machine learning methods for personalized medicine and translating them to clinical care.  His previous research has focused on two areas: 1) predicting future cancer risk, and 2) designing personalized screening policies. Adam's tools underly multiple prospective trails and his research has been featured in the Washington Post, New York Times, STAT, Boston Globe and Wired. Prof Yala obtained his BS, MEng and PhD in Computer Science from MIT where he was a member of MIT Jameel Clinic and MIT CSAIL. 

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