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Latest Committee Work

  • Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2021
    • The SNO Public Policy Committee continues to advocate for an increase in federal funding for the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute. A successful advocacy process in Fiscal Year 2020 brought large increases to both entities, benefiting the health and well-being of brain cancer patients across the United States. The SNO Public Policy Committee was also successful in working with Congress to secure binding language to prevent changes to indirect costs calculations for NIH grants.
  • Drug Pricing and Drug Price Gouging
    • Throughout the 116th Congress, both Democrats and Republicans have put a major focus on legislation to keep drug prices down and to prevent price gouging by pharmaceutical companies. Thus far, no specific proposal has been signed by the President as the parties continue to negotiate. SNO is continuing to work alongside committees of jurisdiction to provide the neuro-oncology community perspective.
  • COVID-19 Response and Stimulus Packages
    • The COVID-19 response legislation directly impacts hospitals and healthcare providers. Many have lost revenue due to the suspension of elective surgical procedures and the delay of other medical needs. The SNO Public Policy Committee is working to educate Congress on the impacts of COVID-19 for our members and how Congress can work to best support researchers and hospitals moving forward.