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Modern Healthcare (10/13/2020): ACA lawsuit takes center stage in Barrett Supreme Court hearings — Senators made the future of the Affordable Care Act a center issue in the first day of the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Modern Healthcare  (10/13/2020): Foreign physicians should be exempt from visa policy change, med groups say — Six major medical groups are calling on the Department of Homeland Security to exclude foreign national physicians from a proposed change in immigration policy.

Politico (10/13/2020): KFF: INSURERS' MEDICARE PROFITS HAVE JUMPED — Insurer profits on Medicare Advantage have grown 41 percent over last year, with plans grossing an additional $64 per member per month, according to a new Kaiser Family Foundation study.

10/13/2020): HEALTH CARE WARS DOMINATE SCOTUS CONFIRMATION HEARINGS— Democrats on Monday focused their remarks on the Affordable Care Act's fate, a strategy expected to shape this week's hearings in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, POLITICO's Alice Miranda Ollstein reports.

(10/9/2020): HEALTH OFFICIALS SCRAMBLE TO DELIVER ON TRUMP'S DRUG CARDS — Trump health officials are racing to finish a nearly $8 billion plan fulfilling the president’s surprise promise to deliver drug-discount cards to seniors before Election Day, POLITICO’s Dan Diamond scooped.

Axios (10/8/2020): Pence's alternative pandemic world — Vice President Mike Pence described a world in which he and President Trump led Americans' heroic effort to defeat the coronavirus during last night's vice presidential debate. The problem is, he described a world that doesn't exist.

Politico(10/8/2020): PENCE, HARRIS TURN DEBATE INTO ONE BIG HEALTHCARE DODGE  — The first crucial health care question came just minutes into Wednesday’s debate, directed toward Vice President Mike Pence: Why is the U.S. death toll from Covid-19 as a percentage of the population higher than nearly every other nation on Earth?

Axios (10/7/2020): Americans pay much more for insulin — The U.S. pays several times more for insulin than any other developed country, according to a new RAND report.

Politico  (10/7/2020): PENCE AND HARRIS TAKE THE STAGE — The vice presidential debate, moderated by USA Today's Susan Page and slated for 9 p.m. ET, is expected to be a more ... traditional debate, after President Donald Trump broke the format by repeatedly interrupting challenger Joe Biden last week. That could lead to longer, more in-depth colloquies on possible topics like coronavirus and abortion.

Modern Healthcare (10/7/2020): CMS gives hospitals 14 weeks to report COVID-19, flu data, or risk losing federal funding — CMS said it will work with hospitals over that time to come into compliance, but afterwards, could revoke their ability to get Medicare, Medicaid payments.

Modern Healthcare (10/6/2020): 4 ways 340B discounts would change if the ACA is struck down — If the Supreme Court struck down the Affordable Care Act, that could decimate some providers' savings from the 340B drug discount program.

Politico (10/6/2020): PBMs GET SUPREME COURT HEARING — Pharmacy benefit managers will fight an Arkansas law that gives community pharmacies leverage over drug middlemen, POLITICO's Susannah Luthi reports.

Axios (10/5/2020): Insurers roll back telehealth discounts — Anthem and UnitedHealthcare have begun to roll back policies that waived cost-sharing for virtual doctors' appointments, the New York Times reports.

Axios (8/28/2020): Trump's big promises on health care — President Trump's convention speech last night did not frame the coronavirus as a thing that's over, the way some of the other programming during the convention had.

STAT News (8/28/2020): New poll shows wide support for several Trump drug pricing reforms, but not rebate changes —Voters in several battleground states overwhelmingly support several of President Trump’s recent proposals to drastically cut drug prices. But they’re markedly less enthusiastic about his plan to end drug rebates, according to a new poll shared first with STAT.

Politico (8/28/2020): TRUMP PLAYS ALL THE OLD HEALTH CARE HITS — Speaking before a mostly maskless crowd at the White House, Trump during an hourlong acceptance speech rattled off a series of long-time health care priorities and portrayed his Covid-19 response as a clear success — yet offered little sense of his aspirations for a second term.

Axios (8/26/2020): Private equity's hospital profits — Hospitals owned by private equity firms rake in almost 30% more income than hospitals that aren’t, according to new research published this week in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Politico (8/26/2020): HHS EXTENDS PROVIDER BAILOUT DEADLINE AMID CONFUSION — The Trump administration is now giving providers until Sept. 13 to seek Covid-19 bailout funds, as applications lag due to confusion over the rules, Rachel and POLITICO’s Brianna Ehley report.

Politico (8/26/2020): PHARMA TRIES TO DODGE TRUMP’S DRUG ORDER — The pharmaceutical industry has submitted an alternative drug pricing plan to the White House, in hopes of stalling Trump’s plan to link Medicare spending on some medicines to the lower prices charged abroad, POLITICO’s Sarah Owermohle and Susannah Luthi report.

Politico (8/26/2020): SPEAKERS AGAIN TALKED UP 'RIGHT TO TRY,'  — A Trump-backed law to let seriously ill patients get their hands on investigational drugs, POLITICO's Susannah Luthi writes.

Modern Healthcare (8/26/2020): CMS threatens to withhold funds from providers skirting COVID-19 requirements - CMS is enforcing stricter requirements for testing in Medicare- and Medicaid-certified nursing homes and reporting in hospitals and labs.

Modern Healthcare (8/26/2020): Lawmakers urge regulators to expand and finalize self-referral, anti-kickback updates - More than 70 policymakers asked the administration to consider safe harbor provisions for pharmaceutical, prosthetic, medical equipment or device manufacturers as well as laboratories.

Politico Pro (8/25/2020): Drugmakers deliver counteroffer to Trump international pricing plan - Drugmakers pitched a counteroffer to the White House aimed at stalling President Donald Trump's plan to link Medicare’s spending on some expensive drugs to much lower prices they're sold for abroad, according to an internal memo circulated to industry lobbyists Monday.

The Hill (8/25/2020): Trump deadline for drug pricing order passes with no action - A deadline set by President Trump for moving forward with an executive order to lower drug prices passed at midnight on Tuesday without any action so far from the White House.

Modern Healthcare (8/25/2020): Insurers' record profits likely to deflate, analysts say - The record profits that health insurers reported in the second quarter of 2020 will likely subside over the next several months as they return excess income to plan members, according to credit ratings agency Moody's Investors Service.

Politico Pro (8/25/2020): Generics giant Teva charged with price fixing - The Justice Department on Tuesday charged Teva Pharmaceuticals with conspiring to fix prices, alleging that consumers were overcharged by at least $330 million.

Modern Healthcare (8/25/2020): Report: Hospital margins improved in July - A new Kaufman Hall report using data from more than 800 hospitals shows margins improved in July even without federal aid, although they still declined slightly year-over-year.

Modern Healthcare (8/25/2020): 2020 Census holds fate of trillions in health-related spending - The 2020 Census hasn't received much attention from the healthcare industry, but a decision to stop collecting census information early could have major implications for states, providers, insurers and the public.

Politico (8/24/2020): TRUMP’s STILL-VAGUE SECOND-TERM HEALTH AGENDA — The campaign announced a bulleted list of “core priorities,” including seven health care-related goals.

The New York Times (8/24/2020): Trump Keeps Promoting a Drug Order That No One Has Seen - The president’s campaign has made his efforts to lower prescription drug prices a centerpiece of his re-election pitch, but the executive order remains unseen.