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In 2017, SNO (Society for Neuro Oncology) launched the wellness initiative, SNOCares, to address burnout in its members. Now, SNOCares is reaching beyond burnout and seeks to promote wellness and resilience for SNO members.     

Neuro-Oncology professionals have a higher incidence of burnout than those working in other areas of cancer. 

Resilience is defined, by American Psychological Association, as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress. Given the obvious challenges faced by providers and researchers in Neuro-Oncology and recent world events, it is pivotal to become more resilient.

The objectives of SNOCares initiatives are to
  • incorporate various activities and tools throughout the annual meeting and beyond
  • provide healthy ways to manage stress
  • harness each person’s abilities to promote wellness and resilience
This wellness initiative will:
  • work towards awareness and utilization of techniques to improve risk factors associated with stress to improve quality of life and productivity in various aspects of one’s life.
  • include activities that provide a positive benefit in managing and adjusting to stress-related symptoms that can arise.


Meditation can reduce stress, promote emotional health, and foster empathy. Guided meditation, Tai Chi, and yoga sessions, led by professional instructors, will be offered during the conference. Space is limited and will be available on a first-come basis.


Body Relax: Learn a powerful relaxation method to use during your time at the conference. Dr. Andrew Weil masters the practice of breathing to bring calmness to the body:
Andrew Weil's 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise (Pranayama)
1. Inhale through your nose for four seconds with your mouth closed.
2. Hold your breath for seven seconds.
3. Exhale through your mouth for eight seconds. 

Mind the following:
  • Rest the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, directly behind your upper front teeth.
  • Release any tension from your body by pushing the air through your lips.
Time Management: During the conference, please visit the SNOCares booth to get tips on planning and prioritizing the time and energy you spend on tasks. Learning to utilize your time better can help you be more effective and achieve your goals. You will learn tips to help you focus and complete specific tasks, and how to be aware of your environment and needs for success. These tips should enable you to be in control of your time and improve your work-life balance.

Please pick up a tip card on techniques to incorporate within one’s daily routine to promote relaxation at the SNOCares booth. You can also see our tip of the day featured on the meeting screens.

SNOCares hopes you find these activities, tips, and techniques helpful. We look forward to more opportunities to implement overall wellness and resilience to improve work/life balance amongst SNOmembers.