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The Society for Neuro-Oncology is a multidisciplinary organization dedicated to promoting advances in neuro-oncology through research and education. In this section you will find resources on funding and grants, careers, patient resources and more.

Funding and Grants

Grant and funding program opportunities provided by sister societies, non-profit partners and other outside groups.

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Fellowship Resources

The Neuro-Oncology Fellowship Program was established for fellowship applicants to help streamline the application process for both applicants and programs.

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Women and Diversity

The primary mission is to support women and minority clinicians, investigators, and trainees through education, mentorship, and the collection of resources and metrics.

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Member-to-Member Surveys

Members of SNO may apply for permission to distribute an electronic survey to the membership of the Society

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Career Center

Your online resource for careers in Neuro-Oncology. New openings are posted frequently.

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International Outreach

The Society for Neuro-Oncology (SNO) understands that brain tumors do not recognize geographical boundaries. SNO seeks to promote clinical and research activities in both pediatric and adult neuro-oncology in developing regions of the world.

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Survivorship Care Plan

Survivorship care plans assist patients transitioning from active treatment to the post-treatment phase of their cancer care, a critical time for many patients.

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Patient Resources

The Society for Neuro-Oncology provides patient resources from partnering advocacy organizations and foundations that also support the effort to help find a cure for brain tumors.

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Guidelines Endorsement

SNO recognizes that other professional organizations may develop guidelines that would benefit the membership of SNO. The Guidelines Committee is committed to evaluating these guidelines.

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