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Society for Neuro-Oncology Endorsement Policy Request Form

The Society for Neuro-Oncology (SNO) exists to advance multi-disciplinary brain tumor research, education, and collaboration to drive discovery and improve patient care. SNO recognizes external organizations’ vital role in helping to advance the field of neuro-oncology through endorsements, sponsorships, or partnerships.
This endorsement policy guides the Society in providing external organizations endorsements for conferences, meetings, webinars, or programs that align with the society’s mission. Endorsement of peer organizations or sister societies is considered under special circumstances and must fall within the policy outlined here.

Criteria for Endorsement
  1. All endorsement requests must be aligned with the Society for Neuro-Oncology's mission.
  2. Requesters must adhere to ethical standards that reflect positively on the Society.
  3. Endorsements should offer tangible benefits to the Society’s members and the broader neuro-oncology community.
Types of Endorsements

SNO Endorsement
If approved, endorsement indicates that SNO officially endorses the educational/scientific activity/event of another peer organization or society. The endorsement also conveys that SNO grants permission to the organization to use the SNO logo on the program brochure and other program-related material.
Joint Session
If approved, a SNO Joint Session is an educational/scientific activity/event held during a conference or the annual meeting of the requesting peer organization or society. The session must include speakers from both SNO and the requesting organization. Both organizations mutually agree upon topics and speakers.
Joint Sponsorship
If approved, Joint Sponsorship contemplates an educational/scientific activity/event that is planned equally by SNO and the requesting peer organization or society. The educational event must include SNO-appointed leadership and faculty. Requests for Joint Sponsorship are granted infrequently and should be made through the submission of a detailed proposal, including the financial or administrative involvement of SNO (if any).

Approval Process
The requesting organization must complete the Society for Neuro-Oncology Endorsement Request Form. To access the form, click here.  The External Relations Committee of the Society for Neuro-Oncology will elevate each request and make a recommendation to the SNO Leadership.

Limitations and Restrictions
The Society for Neuro-Oncology cannot endorse the following:
  • Academic papers, articles, case studies or reviews
  • Institutional initiatives
  • Individual support for grants
  • Issues dealing with political conflict
  • Individuals or individual institutions
For full policy details, click here.  

For questions, contact [email protected] .