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We are beyond thrilled to bring a new dimension to the 2024 SNO/ASCO CNS Metastases Conference with the broader convergence of all key stakeholders -- from academia, industry, regulatory bodies, patient advocacy groups, and engaged funding agencies. All serve as spokes of the wheel, working together to move us forward faster and improve outcomes for patients with CNS metastases. This cross-fertilization of leaders from diverse sectors stands to yield novel ideas ultimately dedicated to improving the care of patients with malignancies metastatic to the CNS.

In this highly engaging and interactive event, research advocating new approaches, out of the box ideas, and reforms in the design and conduct of clinical trials for patients with CNS metastases will be presented and discussed. The structure will provide a forum that cuts across a large breadth of disciplines and emphasizes aspects of basic and translational research, clinical trial design, new therapeutic approaches, and diagnostics in the treatment of CNS metastases. Set against the backdrop of Denver, Colorado, the meeting will be live and in-person over the dates of August 8-10, 2024.

Unique to this year’s conference will be two sessions focused on moving findings forward. The first on Thursday will host an intimate roundtable discussion with key industry leaders and on Friday, we will feature a robust panel of experts to discuss the different needs and requirements to go from basic science discovery to commercial development.

The primary objectives are to highlight the CNS activity of systemic agents in the context of multidisciplinary care for the treatment of CNS metastases; discuss new developments in local therapeutic approaches and diagnostics in the treatment of CNS metastases; their potential synergy with systemic agents and optimal sequencing; discuss the evolving role of novel agents with enhanced CNS penetration; explain the role of the tumor microenvironment in CNS metastases; discuss innovative clinical trials designs incorporating recent advances such as liquid biopsy, novel prognostic biomarkers, and advanced neuroimaging for the treatment of CNS malignancies; and outline challenges for the development and approval of novel therapies for CNS cancers.

As an adjunct to the cutting-edge multidisciplinary science that will be presented, the conference in Denver will provide an outstanding and unparalleled forum for networking and socialization with like-minded colleagues from around the world who are focused on advancing CNS metastases research and patient care. Moreover, the event offers the opportunity to interact with exhibitors from SNO’s industry and non-profit partners.

We look forward to seeing you in Denver!

Scientific Co-Chairs
Priya Kumthekar
Hussein Tawbi

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